Office of Secretary & Administration (OSA)

The Commission’s Office of the Secretary and Administration (OSA) provides management and staff support to the Commission’s operational offices (including the Office of Inspector General), the Commission’s strategic plan and various initiatives of the Executive Branch. OSA ensures that the Commission has the physical, financial, technology and human capital infrastructure needed to accomplish its mission. The effort led by OSA provides financial management, records management, administrative and organizational support, planning and human capital resources for the Commission. The Commission’s administrative staff identifies and proposes process improvements, implements strategic plans, and provides support to ensure the success of the Commission’s mission, reduce repetitiveness and increase cooperation among the Commission’s operational offices. In addition, OSA provides information technology services to the Commission.

The Secretary of the Commission maintains custody of the Commission’s seal, the minutes of all actions taken by the Commission, its rules and regulations, its administrative and other orders, and records. The Secretary authenticates and signs all Commission orders and other actions. OSA ensures that the Commission is compliant with Executive Branch and Congressional reports and initiatives, and coordinates these activities with other federal agencies as necessary.

OSA is also responsible for the maintenance of the Commission’s public information resources, including the docket room and electronic reading room on the Commission’s internet web site, including decisions, rules, orders and notices, testimony, pleadings and reference materials filed in Commission proceedings; and current information concerning Commission activities including employment opportunities and a calendar of upcoming events.


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2017 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

The Commission is very pleased with the FY 2017 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey results. The Commission’s response rate of 84% is in the top ten for all federal small agencies, and well above the government-wide average response rate of 46%. Our overall Employee Engagement Index score of 84% increased over last year’s score – placing us in the top ten for Employee Engagement among federal very small agencies. The results also placed us in the top 10 among federal very small agencies for the New IQ index. The Office of Personnel Management identified 59 items as strengths for the Commission and 0 challenges. These results demonstrate the commitment of the Commission’s leadership to our employees and the engagement of our employees to the work of the Commission. It is no coincidence that the questions with the highest positive score of 96% is “When needed I am willing to put in the extra effort to get the job done.” and “Physical conditions allow employees to perform their jobs well.” The Commission leadership will continue to use the annual employee feedback from the FEVS to improve our workplace – especially those areas that received less positive scores from our employees. We are proud to be, and plan to continue being, one of the best places to work in the federal government.

Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey