Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles, and Strategy


The Mission of the Postal Regulatory Commission is to:

Ensure Transparency and accountability

Vision Statement

To be an independent regulator respected for effectively engaging postal stakeholders to promote a robust universal mail system through objective, accurate, and timely regulatory analyses and decisions.

We will look to achieve our vision by:

  • Taking a multi-disciplinary and integrated approach to work
  • Monitoring the environment and anticipating changes to enhance agility
  • Utilizing rigorous evaluative methods
  • Optimizing stakeholder engagement through an appropriate and clearly-defined   public involvement process
  • Developing staff expertise to ensure that the Commission is a center for excellence in postal regulatory matters
  • Ensuring that the Commission is an employer of choice
  • Ensuring efficient stewardship of resources

Guiding Principles

The Commission is committed to and operates by the principles of:

  • Openness
    - Public Participation
  • Integrity
    - Fairness and impartiality
    - Timely and rigorous analysis

  • Merit
    - Commitment to excellence
    - Collegiality and multi-disciplinary approaches

  • Adaptability
    - Proactive response to the rapidly changing postal environment

Key Strategic Goals

The Strategic Goals describe the primary focus areas that will enable the Commission to meet its five-year vision. Both internal and external priorities are described.

Strategic Goal 1 - Anticipate and adapt to an evolving postal system through a responsive and trusted regulatory framework.
Strategic Goal 2 - Enhance and expand communication of accurate and relevant information to postal stakeholders, policymakers, and the general public. 
Strategic Goal 3 -  Develop an internal infrastructure to support and strengthen our regulatory capabilities through adaptive policies, efficient processes, and scalable platforms.
Strategic Goal 4 - Build an organization that will attract, develop, and retain a diverse workforce of experts.