Office of Public Affairs & Government Relations (PAGR)

The Office of Public Affairs & Government Relations serves as the public face of the Commission. The Office is the Commission's primary resource in support of public outreach and education; media relations; and liaison with Congress, the United States Postal Service, and other government agencies. The Office provides information for consumers and responds to their inquiries. Informal complaints regarding individual rate and service inquiries are referred to the Consumer Advocate of the Postal Service. The Office works closely with members of Congress and their staff. PAGR advises Commissioners and PRC staff on legislative issues and policies related to the Commission and the Postal Service in addition to coordinating the preparation of both Congressional testimony and Congressional inquiries concerning PRC policies and activities.

Complaints and Service Issues

When Congress enacted postal reform in 2006, it enhanced the Commission's role in resolving concerns or issues with the Postal Service. We are available to assist in the resolution of nearly any concern or issue a customer has with the level of his or her service. The Commission created two tracks for resolving such issues, Complaints, and the less formal Rate or Service Inquiries. For more information view our Consumer Assistance Guide.