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Every year at the end of March, the Postal Regulatory Commission produces the ACD, an assessment of whether each product offered by the United States Postal Service is covering its costs and complying with other pertinent regulation. The ACD highlights for the most recent fiscal year offer a glimpse into the Postal Service’s workings. Here the Commission has assembled an eclectic array of information that it believes would be most impactful and relevant to the average customer of the Postal Service. This information includes insights into First-Class Mail service performance, elements that impact the reliability and efficiency of the Postal Service, and general trends of various components within the postal system.



ACD Highlights Archives

Information IconOn an annual basis, the Commission publishes a collection of highlights from its most recent ACD report. Archived here are the highlights for prior years:

FY 2022 ACD Highlights
FY 2021 ACD Highlights
FY 2020 ACD Highlights