Mail Classification Schedule (MCS)

Current MCS (redline version)

The Mail Classification Schedule describes every product offered to the public by the US Postal Service and serves as a standard reference work when reviewing ongoing postal products. A draft working copy of the Mail Classification Schedule is available here. It is typically updated on a weekly basis in redline legislative format to represent the most current US Postal Service product offerings.

MCS Archives

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On an annual basis, the Mail Classification Schedule in redline legislative format is retired to the archive appearing here. All redline legislative changes are incorporated into a new baseline Mail Classification Schedule and posted in this section for legislative markup in the following year. The information provided therein is obsolete and is provided for reference only.

Historical DMCS

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A historical copy of the Domestic Mail Classification Schedule is available here. The Domestic Mail Classification Schedule is the predecessor to the Mail Classification Schedule. It governed rates and classifications of domestic postal products prior to enactment of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA), Pub. L. 109-435, 120 Stat. 3198, December 20, 2006.