Michael M. Kubayanda

President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. designated Michael M. Kubayanda chairman of the Commission in January 2021. Chairman Kubayanda was reappointed to the Commission on December 9, 2021, for a second term expiring November 22, 2026, following his renomination by President Biden and second unanimous confirmation by the United States Senate. He was named vice chairman in August 2019 and served in that position through the end of 2020.

Chairman Kubayanda embraces the use of technology to modernize government and improve performance while serving the Commission’s traditional mission of providing transparency and accountability of the Postal Service. Since becoming Chairman, he has worked with the Commission to:

  • Launch an analytics unit within the Office of Accountability and Compliance, led by Commission staff with experience in statistical analysis of postal compliance matters. The unit is aimed at updating the agency’s capacity to evaluate issues such as network efficiency and performance. The new division can eventually serve as a focal point for distinction in root cause analysis informed by statistics, engineering, operations, and computational expertise, complementing the Commission’s skills in economic, financial, and legal analysis.
  • Begin implementing the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018, in an ongoing effort to organize information held by the Commission to enhance its utility for both internal analysts and stakeholders.
  • Oversee ongoing investments in IT and knowledge infrastructure, including moving from on-premises equipment to the cloud and adding cybersecurity capacity. The Technology Modernization Fund has awarded support to the Commission for these efforts, critical for a micro agency with limited funds. 

Chairman Kubayanda has encouraged engagement by the Commission with a nonpartisan, world-class group of experts in economics, law, electronic commerce, government transparency, and foresight. The Commission has also developed a new strategic plan for 2023 – 2028 using scenario planning to prepare the Commission for a range of potential futures affecting the agency and the broader ecosystem.

Prior to joining the Commission, Chairman Kubayanda served as a board member and privacy officer for a digital health startup with operations in the U.S. and emerging markets. He previously worked with the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Postal Service, as director of government relations and in the OIG’s research group. At the OIG, he advocated successfully for appropriations for the OIG’s analytics platform, an interagency collaboration with other inspectors general. He also authored reports on network economics and the impact of technology and partnerships on the postal system. Prior to his work with the OIG, he served as counsel to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Chairman Kubayanda holds degrees from Georgetown University (MA, Communication, Culture & Technology, which amplified his interest in the economics and public policies of network industries, strategic foresight, and information and knowledge management); Northwestern University (JD); and the Ohio State University (BA).

A certified information privacy professional, Chairman Kubayanda received a Professional Development Fellowship from the Department of State to examine European privacy law and policy. He also served as a Google Policy Fellow with an Internet foundation, at which he hosted a Capitol Hill forum on the Right to Be Forgotten, assessed technology issues, and helped to design and launch the Internet Law and Policy Foundry, a group for students and emerging professionals.

Prior to joining the Commission, he spent time in Vancouver, British Columbia; Columbus, Ohio; and Brussels.