System of Records Notices

As a Federal agency, the Commission is required to publish a System of Records Notice (SORN) in the Federal Register whenever it maintains information about an individual in a system of records and retrieves the information by a personal identifier. A SORN not only states that access is limited to those Commission employees who need the information in the course of their duties, but also how their access is limited by describing the types of safeguards in place, such as locks, building access controls, passwords, network authentication, etc. Specifically, SORNs must identify the purpose of the system of records; which individuals are covered by information in that system of records; which categories of records are maintained about those individuals; how the information is shared by the Commission (routine uses).

Additionally, SORNs must inform the public of the existence of these records and provide notice to the public of their rights and procedures under the Privacy Act for accessing and correcting any information maintained by the agency on individuals.

The Commission has issued the following SORNs: