PRC Establishes Procedural Schedule for Exigency Remand; Suspends 45 Day Notice Requirement for Removal of Exigent Surcharge

Washington, DC – The Postal Regulatory Commission today issued Order No. 2540, establishing Docket No. R2013-11R to consider issues on remand related to the exigency surcharge. All comments and other documents must be filed under this docket.

The Commission also suspends the requirement that the Postal Service file a 45 day notice of intent to remove the exigent rate surcharge pending further review of the case and issuance of its order.

Initial comments are due at the Commission no later than June 26, 2015. Reply comments are due at the Commission no later than July 6, 2015.

A copy of the Commission’s order in its entirety is located on the website: www.prc.gov.


The Postal Regulatory Commission is an independent federal agency that provides regulatory oversight over the U.S. Postal Service to ensure the transparency and accountability of the Postal Service and foster a vital and efficient universal mail system. The Commission is comprised of five Presidentially-appointed and Senate-confirmed Commissioners, each serving terms of six years. The Chairman is designated by the President. In addition to Acting Chairman Robert G. Taub, the other commissioners are Vice Chairman Tony Hammond and Commissioners Mark Acton, Ruth Y. Goldway, and Nanci E. Langley.