Federal Register Notices

Federal Register Notices are public notices published in the Federal Register. PRC posts notices that are pertinent to the Commission on its web site. A user can view a list of Federal Register Notices, open and view each notice, or print or download any or all notices.
1/9/2007 Sunshine Act - Rate Case Deliberations
12/11/2006 Sunshine Act Notice - N2006-1 (END)
11/16/2006 Re-issuance of Rules on Certain Types of Rate & Classification Requests
9/21/2006 Rate and Classification Requests
8/30/2006 Stamped Stationery - Notice of new docket
8/29/2006 Sunshine Act Meetings
7/14/2006 Periodicals Nominal Rate Minor Classification Change
7/5/2006 Post Office Closing Appeal; Pittsburgh, PA
5/11/2006 Postal Rate and Fee Changes
4/24/2006 Classification Changes for Express Mail Second Day Service