Federal Register Notices

Federal Register Notices are public notices published in the Federal Register. PRC posts notices that are pertinent to the Commission on its web site. A user can view a list of Federal Register Notices, open and view each notice, or print or download any or all notices.
6/15/2007 Field Hearings on PAEA Implementation
5/25/2007 Docket No. RM2007-1 -- Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
5/22/2007 Sunshine Act - Closed Commission Meeting
4/26/2007 Sunshine Act Notice - Docket No. R2006-1 Reconsideration
4/16/2007 Repositionable Notes - Extension
4/3/2007 Docket No. R2006-1 -- Reconsideration.
3/23/2007 Public Comments on Ratemaking and the Transcript from the Joint USPS-PRC Summit.
3/5/2007 Stamped Stationery and Cards Case
2/22/2007 Sunshine Act
2/15/2007 Bank of America Negotiated Service Agreement