Congressional Submissions

3/9/2004 Testimony of Shelley Drefuss, Director, Office of the Consumer Advocate, Before the United States Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs
1/28/2004 Testimony of George A. Omas Chairman, Postal Rate Commission Before the Special Panel on Postal Reform of the Committee on Government Reform
11/19/2003 Comments of the Postal Rate Commission Concerning the President's Commission on the Postal Service Submitted to the Committee on Governmental Affairs
10/8/2002 Statement of Ruth Y. Goldway, US Postal Rate Commission Nominee, to the US Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs
2/13/2002 Report to the Congress: Authority of the United States Postal Service to Introduce New Products and Services and to Enter Into Rate and Service Agreements With Individual Customers Or Groups of Customers
12/31/2001 Postal Rate Commission Redacted Study of International Mail Terminal Dues as Requested by Congressman McHugh and Postal Service Response
5/15/2001 Supplemental Statement of Commissioner Ruth Y. Goldway before the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs
5/15/2001 Testimony of Vice Chairman George A. Omas before the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs
9/7/2000 Testimony of Chairman Edward J. Gleiman before the Senate Subcommittee on International Security, Proliferation and Federal Services
3/9/2000 Testimony of Robert Cohen before the House Subcommittee on the Postal Service