PRC Reviews USPS FY 2013 Performance Goals and FY 2014 Plan

Washington, DC – In a report released today, the Postal Regulatory Commission evaluates the Fiscal Year 2013 performance goals and Fiscal Year 2014 performance plans of the United States Postal Service. The Commission had in previous years provided this analysis in its Annual Compliance Determination report. However, the Commission has determined that issuing its analysis in a separate report allows the Commission to provide a more in-depth review of the Postal Service’s goals and plans than in previous years.

The Commission’s report addresses and makes suggestions related to the Postal Service’s four performance goals: 1) Service, 2) Customer Experience, 3) Financial Results, and 4) Workplace Environment. Below is a summary of the Commission’s findings.

• The Commission found that the Postal Service partially met the Service performance goal because it met some, but not all, targets for the service performance indicators. For presort First-Class Mail, all performance indicator targets were met. Single-Piece First-Class Mail performance results were mixed.

• The Service did not meet its Customer Experience performance goals for residential and smallmedium businesses as measured by national surveys. While the Postal Service also surveys large business customers, those survey data are not used in assessing performance towards achieving the Customer Experience goal. To ensure that all customers’ needs are being considered, the Postal Service should include a customer experience performance indicator and target measure for large business customer experiences.

• The Commission determined that the Postal Service partially met its Financial Results performance goal. For FY 2013, deliveries per hour, which the Postal Service uses to measure productivity, did not meet the target. However, operating losses were less than forecast. • In the fourth and final goal, the Commission found that the Postal Service partially met its Workplace Environment performance target. In FY 2013, its Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Illness and Injury Rate of 5.61 met the performance target; however, the Voice of the Employee survey target was not met.

A complete copy of the Commission’s report can be found on the PRC website at www.prc.gov.