PRC Reports

12/15/2015 Quantification of Financial Transfers Caused by Universal Postal Union Terminal Dues
09/30/2014 The Economics of Terminal Dues -- Final report
09/30/2014 The Role of Costs for Postal Regulation
09/30/2014 The Postal Service Variability Rate and Some Implications
09/30/2014 The Calculation of Postal Inframarginal Costs
07/07/2014 Review of Postal Service FY 2013 Performance Report and FY 2014 Performance Plan
08/22/2014 Swiss Economics Estimate of Financial Impact of Discontinuing Saturday Delivery of Letters and Flats
04/10/2014 Analysis of United States Postal Service Financial Results and 10-K Statement for Fiscal Year 2013 (Revised April 10, 2014)
10/13/2011 Periodicals Mail Study Report
06/30/2010 Civil Service Retirement System Cost and Benefit Allocation Principles