Federal Register Notices

Federal Register Notices are public notices published in the Federal Register. PRC posts notices that are pertinent to the Commission on its web site. A user can view a list of Federal Register Notices, open and view each notice, or print or download any or all notices.
5/3/2018 Docket Nos. CP2018-166_MC2018-147 and CP2018-211—New Postal Products—Notice
5/1/2018 Docket No. CP2018-210—New Postal Product—Notice
4/30/2018 Docket Nos. MC2018-145 and CP2018-208_MC2018-146 and CP2018-209—New Postal Products—Notice
4/27/2018 Docket Nos. MC2010-21 and CP2010-36—Update to Product List—Final Rule
4/25/2018 Docket Nos. MC2018-144 and CP2018-207—New Postal Product—Notice
4/20/2018 Docket No. CP2017-72 et al.—New Postal Products—Notice
4/20/2018 Docket Nos. MC2018-143/CP2018-205—New Postal Product—Notice
4/19/2018 Docket No. CP2018-204—New Postal Product—Notice
4/12/2018 Docket Nos. MC2018-142 and CP2018-203—New Postal Product—Notice
4/11/2018 Docket Nos. MC2018-135 and CP2018-196_et al.—New Postal Products—Notice