The PRC has broad regulatory oversight related to Postal Service:

  • Price changes
  • Service standards and service performance
  • Financial accounting and reporting
  • Proposed nationwide changes in service
  • Customer complaints
  • Overall compliance with the PAEA

The PRC also issues regular and special studies such as:

  • Annual Compliance Determination (Assessing Postal Service compliance with applicable laws during the prior fiscal year),
  • Annual report to the President and Congress (Reviewing significant PRC activity in the past year)
  • Universal Service and the monopoly (Special study and ongoing work to establish the nature and value of the Postal Service’s Monopoly and its Universal Service Obligation)
  • Postal Service retiree health benefit obligations (Special study requested by congress to assess the computation and value of the Postal Service’s long-term liability for employee and retiree health benefits)

The PRC also has new enforcement tools, including:

  • Subpoena power
  • Authority to direct the Postal Service to adjust rates and to take other remedial actions, and
  • Power to levy fines in cases of deliberate noncompliance by the Postal Service with applicable postal laws

The PRC also:

  • Hears Appeals regarding Post Office Closings.