Rate Commission Archives (1971-2004) Search Help

Rate Commission Archives (1971-2004) Search allows PRC website users to search through the Dockets database and find records of filed documents. The Search Criteria page provides a form for entering or selecting values to help users find specific documents.

After the search criteria have been submitted, the system returns all records matching all criteria. The records are listed in the Search Results page. From the Search Results, you can view a copy of the physical document, and print or download files.

Document Type:

In the Search Page form, select a Search/Document Type from the dropdown list. The search criteria will change, depending on the search type selected. No change will occur if the default search type, Documents, is used.

Search Criteria:

Use as many criteria as necessary to find the specific records desired. Search samples are available.

  1. Enter or select values for other search criteria to narrow the search. The more criteria used, the more precise the search will be. Suggestions for searching by specific words or phrases, refer to Full Text Search
  2. Click the Submit button to start the search. The system will display a list of documents in a Search Results page. OR
  3. Click the Clear button to remove values and start a new search.

Search Results:

Search Results will be displayed in a table format. The list may be sorted by any of the fields by clicking the link on the header.
From the Search Results table, you can open and view a document by clicking on the ‘pdf’ link for that result.