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MC2008-1 (Phase II)

Review of Nonpostal Services


12/13/2011 - Original Filing
03/19/2008 - Deadline for the Postal Service to Identify and Provide Description of Nonpostal Services
04/30/2008 - Deadline for Interested Persons to Respond to Postal Service Description of Nonpostal Services
05/21/2008 - Deadline for the Postal Service and Any Interested Persons to Reply to Party's Response to Description of Nonpostal Services
06/23/2008 - Deadline for Complete List on Nonpostal Services (Postal Service Statement) (Revised Date)
07/30/2008 - Deadline for Comments on Postal Service Statement (Revised Date)
08/20/2008 - Deadline for Reply Comments on Postal Service Statement (Revised Date)
09/10/2008 - Deadline for Briefs (Revised Date)
09/30/2008 - Deadline for Reply Briefs (Revised Date)
11/07/2008 - Deadline for Proposed Classification Language
11/14/2008 - USPS Supplemental Information Due
11/24/2008 - Deadline for Comments on Supplemental Information (Revised Date)
01/21/2009 - Deadline for Oppositions
01/29/2009 - Deadline for Postal Service and other participants to file supporting evidence (Phase II)
02/10/2009 - Deadline for new interventions (Phase II)
02/11/2009 - Prehearing Conference (Phase II) 10:00 am PRC Hearing Room
02/19/2009 - Deadline for Postal Service to Submit Declarants Availability (Phase II)
02/19/2009 - Deadline for Estimates of Time Needed to Prepare Discovery (Phase II)
02/26/2009 - Deadline for USPS to File Support for Direct Case (Phase II)
03/10/2009 - Deadline for Filing Proposed Classification Language (Phase II) (Revised Date From 2/17/09)
03/20/2009 - Deadline for Pinpoint LLC to File Last of Declarations (Phase II)
03/20/2009 - Deadline for USPS to File Submissions Addressing Matters Relating to Direct Case (Phase II)
04/03/2009 - Deadline for Response to POIR No. 1 (Phase II)
04/08/2009 - Deadline for Notice of Intent to Cross-Examine Witnesses (Phase II)
04/22/2009 - Hearing in Commission's Hearing Room (Phase II) Cancelled
05/12/2009 - Deadline to Submit Rebuttal Cases (Phase II)
05/27/2009 - Deadline for Completion of Discovery (Phase II)
06/12/2009 - Deadline for Pitney Bowes to File Certification and Motion to Move Material into Evidence (Phase II)
06/15/2009 - Deadline for Response to POIR No. 3 (Phase II)
06/24/2009 - Deadline for Response to POIR No. 2 (Phase II) (Revised Date)
06/26/2009 - Deadline to File Notice of Surrebuttal Case (Phase II) (Revised Date)
07/06/2009 - Deadline to File Surrebuttal Case (Phase II) (Revised Date)
07/10/2009 - Deadline for Requesting Hearing on Surrebuttal Testimony (Phase II)
07/17/2009 - Hearing on Surrebuttal Testimony (Phase II) (If Requested)
01/13/2012 - Deadline for Comments (Phase IIR)
01/23/2012 - Deadline for Reply Comments (Phase IIR)