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Periodicals Nominal Rate Minor Classification Change


07/06/2006 - Original Filing
07/25/2006 - Deadline for Postal Service to File Library Reference Documenting Definition of "Nominal Rate" Subscription Adopted by National Audit Bureaus
08/01/2006 - Deadline for Filing Statements Addressing the Service's Compliance with Rule 69 Filing Requirements and Its Conditional Motion for Waiver
08/01/2006 - Deadline for Notices of Intervention
08/04/2006 - Deadline for Filing Status Report on Settlement Negotiations
08/11/2006 - Deadline for Issuance of Commission Order on Appropriateness of Using Expedited Rules
08/14/2006 - Second Status Report on Settlement Due
08/28/2006 - Deadline for Postal Service to File Motion for Acceptance of USPS T-1 into the Evidentiary Record