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Eugene Post Office University Station


11/22/2010 - Original Filing
12/02/2010 - Deadline for USPS to Answer Application for Suspension of the Determination
12/07/2010 - Deadline for Postal Service Filing of Administrative Record
12/20/2010 - Deadline for Petitions to Intervene
12/27/2010 - Deadline for Petitioner's Form 61 or Initial Brief in Support of Petition
01/18/2011 - Deadline for Answering Brief in Support of Postal Service
02/02/2011 - Deadline for Reply Briefs in Response to Answering Briefs
02/09/2011 - Deadline for Motions by Any Party to Request Oral Argument
03/07/2011 - Deadline for Postal Service to File Administrative Record
03/11/2011 - Deadline for Participants to Supplement Their Initial Comments Based Upon the Underlying Record
03/16/2011 - Expiration of the Commission's 120-Day Decisional Schedule