Interrogatory Details

Asking Party

Answering Party


Question Number

Newspaper Association of America Saturation Mailers Coalition Buckel, Harry J. 4

Filing Date Docket No. Title Document Type Filing Party Attachments
07/05/2000 R2000-1 Saturation Mail Coalition Notice of Filing of Declarations of Witness Buckel for Responses to Interrogatories (AAP/SMC-T1-1) and NAA/SMC-T1-1-5) Notices SMC
07/03/2000 R2000-1 Responses of Saturation Mail Coalition Witness Buckel to Interrogatories of Newspaper Association of America (NAA/SMC-T1-1-5) Response to Interrogatory/Production/Admission SMC
06/19/2000 R2000-1 Newspaper Association of America Interrogatories to Saturation Mail Coalition Witness Harry J. Buckel (NAA/SMC-T1-1-5) Interrogatories or Request for Production/Admission NAA