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Motion of MPA et al. to Incorporate into Evidence USPS Responses to UPS/USPS-T12-12-17 and USPS Library References LR-I-310,386 and LR-I-398, or, in the Alternative, to Direct the Postal Service to Provide a Sponsoring Witness for Said Library References

Document Type: Motion or Request/Response/Reply
Filed On: 06/08/2000
Filing Party: Association of American Publishers, Advo, Inc., Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers, Coalition of Religious Press Associations, Data & Marketing Association, Dow Jones & Company, Inc., McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., The, Mail Order Association of America, MPA--The Association of Magazine Media, National Newspaper Association, Package Shippers Association, Time Warner Inc., Association for Postal Commerce, Software & Information Industry Association/American Business Media