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Supplemental Comments of NPPC, ABA, ACMA, AF&PA, AMEE, PostCom, APT, EMA, GCA, MMA, NRF, MPA, NAPM, NMA, NNA, PSA, PRINTING United, and SMC

Document Type: Comments, Orders/Responses to Orders
Filed On: 07/06/2020
Filing Party: American Bankers Association, Greeting Card Association, Major Mailers Association, MPA--The Association of Magazine Media, National Association of Presort Mailers, National Newspaper Association, National Postal Policy Council, Inc., National Retail Federation, Package Shippers Association, Saturation Mailers Coalition, Association for Postal Commerce, Envelope Manufacturers Association, Association for Mail Electronic Enhancement, American Catalog Mailers Association, The American Forest & Paper Association, News Media Alliance, Association for Print Technologies, PRINTING United Alliance
Order #: 5337