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If you contact the Office of Inspector General, you may ask that your identity not be revealed. However, it may be necessary to reveal your identity if it is unavoidable to effectively investigate the alleged matter or it is otherwise required by law.* Please note that if you contact the Office of Inspector General via electronic mail, your confidentiality cannot be assured due to the non-secure nature of electronic mail systems.
To contact the Office of Inpector General anonymously, use the webform below.

* The Inspector General Act of 1978 provides that, after receipt of a complaint or information from a PRC employee, the Inspector General shall not disclose that employee's identity without the employee's consent, unless the Inspector General determines such disclosure is unavoidable during the course of the investigation.

To report waste, fraud, abuse or mismanagement at the Postal Service, please contact the United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General (

To report a crime involving a threat to the safety or integrity of the mail (such as suspicious mail, identity theft or mail fraud), please contact the Postal Inspection Service (

For a directory of inspectors general at other federal agencies, and for more information about inspectors general please visit IGNet (

Contact Form

To report waste, fraud, abuse or mismanagement at the Postal Regulatory Commission, contact the Office of Inspector General by using the form below.

The PRC OIG has NO jurisdiction over complaints regarding ANY matters concerning operations of the United States Postal Service, including mail service issues, Postal Service employee matters, missing mail, or anything else unrelated to the operation of the Postal Regulatory Commission itself.  

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