Archived Documents

After their currency has passed, older PRC speeches, papers, and other documents may be filed in the Archived Documents section of the Library. These archives are not related to the archives for documents filed in docketed PRC cases. For older archives (1971-2004) please visit the Rate Commission Archives
5/1/2001 Toward Stabilizing the Single-Piece Rate in First-Class Mail James F. Callow and Ted Gerarden
3/25/2001 Speech to Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers Attendees at the National Postal Forum Orlando, Florida
2/28/2001 Audit of the Postal Rate Commission Ethics Program
12/7/2000 Graphics Communication Association Conference Chicago, Illinois
12/6/2000 Graphics Communication Association, Chicago, Illinois
11/28/2000 Regulation of Postal Markets in Germany Cara Schwarz-Schilling Head of Section, Economics of Regulating Postal Markets Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Posts, Germany
10/29/2000 Envelope Manufacturers Association, Williamsburg, Virginia
6/15/2000 PostCom
6/1/2000 Courtesy Envelope Mail--A Missed Opportunity? Gail Willette
5/3/2000 MailCom2000 Conference