Archived Documents

After their currency has passed, older PRC speeches, papers, and other documents may be filed in the Archived Documents section of the Library. These archives are not related to the archives for documents filed in docketed PRC cases. For older archives (1971-2004) please visit the Rate Commission Archives
6/20/2002 Seminar on Labor Demand Model
5/31/2002 An Empirical Model of Labor Demand for Mail Sorting Operations Mark J. Roberts
5/28/2002 Rate Making Summit co-sponsored by the U.S. Postal Service and Postal Rate Commission
5/8/2002 Presentation of Consumer Survey Data by USC Students Jenny Allen and Stephanie Cheng
3/26/2002 The Regulation of, and Promotion of Competition in, UK Postal Services Peter John and Matthew Ward Postcomm
3/9/2002 Presentation of Quality Report
3/6/2002 Report of the Consumer Advocate on Quality of Services Provided by the Postal Service to the Public
2/19/2002 PRC Update to Postmasters National Leadership Conference of the National Association of Postmasters Washington, D.C.
10/16/2001 Association of Priority Mail Users Denver, Colorado
10/16/2001 "Critical Times" Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers Breakfast Postal Forum Denver, Colorado