Archived Documents

After their currency has passed, older PRC speeches, papers, and other documents may be filed in the Archived Documents section of the Library. These archives are not related to the archives for documents filed in docketed PRC cases. For older archives (1971-2004) please visit the Rate Commission Archives
3/1/2006 An Economic Framework for Modeling Mail Processing Costs Mark J. Roberts
2/26/2006 CRA Cost Rollforward Model, Download Model & Documentation (7.2 MB)
12/13/2004 Revenue, Pieces, and Weight Report Includes cumulative data through FY 2005, Quarter 1
2/25/2004 National Postal Policy Council Informal Roundtable Discussion Washington, D.C.
12/3/2003 USPS Briefing on New City Carrier Street Time Study Presenters: Richard Cooper, USPS; Michael Bradley, George Washington University
11/20/2003 USPS Briefing on Accounting and Reporting Changes Presenters: Ken Hollies, USPS; Jayne Schwarz, Manager, Accounting; Jon Stratton, Manager, Corporate Financial Reporting
9/17/2003 USPS Briefing on Data System Changes Ken Hollies, Richard Prescott, Ron Poland, and Bradley Pafford of the Postal Service
2/5/2003 Cost and Revenue Analysis Summary Includes cumulative data through FY 2001
1/15/2003 Making Paper More Intelligent Maynard Benjamin, President, Envelope Manufacturers Association Jay Freitas, Vice President of Sales, Oles Envelope Co.
10/24/2002 Briefing on the Domestic Mail Manual A Customers Guide to Mailing