Archived Documents

After their currency has passed, older PRC speeches, papers, and other documents may be filed in the Archived Documents section of the Library. These archives are not related to the archives for documents filed in docketed PRC cases. For older archives (1971-2004) please visit the Rate Commission Archives
12/1/2007 Federal Trade Commission Report: Accounting for Laws That Apply Differently to the USPS
11/30/2007 PRC Issues a Request For Proposal to develop a Report on Universal Postal Service
7/24/2007 Commissioner Tisdale's speech before the National League of Postmasters Annual Convention - Las Vegas, Nevada
5/25/2007 PRC Recommends Temporary Rate Reduction for Standard Mail Flats
3/26/2007 Chairman Blair's Remarks on Delivering Change
3/13/2007 The Transcript of the Joint USPS-PRC Summit
12/19/2006 N2006-1 Concurring Opinion (Evolutionary Network Development Service Changes)
12/13/2006 Presentation on the 3rd European Postal Directive On December 13, 2006, Murray Buchanan, Head of International Policy and Deputy Director, Royal Mail conducted a public briefing on the “3rd European Postal Directive”.
3/13/2006 CRA Cost Rollforward Model, PowerPoint Presentation
3/13/2006 CRA Cost Rollforward Model,USPS Rollforward Download Model & Documentation (3.7 MB)