Archived Documents

After their currency has passed, older PRC speeches, papers, and other documents may be filed in the Archived Documents section of the Library. These archives are not related to the archives for documents filed in docketed PRC cases. For older archives (1971-2004) please visit the Rate Commission Archives
12/9/2010 Review of the PRC's Public Representative System
12/9/2010 Request for Proposal: Measuring the Social Value of Postal Services to the Nation Issued May 7, 2010
12/9/2010 A Framework for Considering the Social Value of Postal Services Prepared by The Urban Institute February 2, 2010
11/30/2010 Response to Segal/PRC Report
11/9/2010 Commission Social Benefit of the Mail Studies
1/8/2010 Annual Report to the President and Congress Fiscal Year 2009
4/30/2009 Presentation on Postal Product Innovation and New Opportunities for Postal Commerce by Dr. Leon Pintsov, Vice President, International Standards and Advanced Technology, Pitney Bowes Inc.
4/1/2009 Audit of the Postal Regulatory Commission Ethics Program
4/17/2008 Presentation by French Economist on Funding USO and Optimal Worksharing Discounts
12/20/2007 Report of The U.S. Department of the Treasury On Accounting Principles and Practices for The Operation of the United States Postal Service’s Competitive Products Fund