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September 10, 2014

Portions Open to the Public 1. Report from the Office of Public Affairs and Government Relations on legislative activities and the handling of rate and service inquiries from the public. 2. Report from the Office of General Counsel on the status of Commission dockets. 3. Report from the Office of Accountability and Compliance. 4. Report from the Office of the Secretary and Administration. 5. Presentation to Commissioners on the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) role in cross-border postal operations by a representative of the Department of Homeland Security. Portion Closed to the Public 6. Discussion of pending litigation. After the close of the public part of the meeting, a public listening session will be offered to allow the public to comment on any agenda item or related subject matter. The Commission will then resume in its closed session. For more information, please contact: David A. Trissell, General Counsel at 202-789-6820 (for agenda related inquiries) or Shoshana M. Grove, Secretary of the Commission, at 202–789–6800 or shoshana.grove@prc.gov (for other inquiries)