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Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles, and Strategy


The Mission of the Postal Regulatory Commission is to:

Ensure transparency and accountability of the United States Postal Service and foster a vital and efficient universal mail system

Vision for 2012

Five Year view for postal system: The Commission will ensure transparency and accountability of the United States Postal Service and foster a vital and efficient postal system that includes universal service.

In five years time, the Postal Service will have several years of experience operating under a modern rate regulation system. There will be more consistency in postal rates because of a predictable ratemaking process as well as transparency and financial accountability across postal classes.

A Vital and Efficient Universal Mail System is obtained through enhanced transparency, financial accountability, predictable rates, a competitive market, and being service oriented.

The public will better understand the Postal Service because of enhanced transparency. The Postal Service will be better able to respond to changing market conditions, factors, and concerns as identified in the PAEA. The Postal Service will be a responsive service provider focused on efficiency and effectiveness.

The role of the Commission in the future of the postal system: Over the next five years, the Commission will become a mature regulator exercising statutory and comprehensive oversight of the United States Postal Service. We will promote transparency, accountability, predictability, and responsiveness.

We will achieve these core objectives and inspire the trust of our stakeholders by:

  • Continuing to utilize strong technical expertise to our role as regulator
  • Maintaining open communication with all stakeholders
  • Establishing and implementing rigorous methods to assess Postal Service adherence to compliance reviews that focus on objectives and factors of customer service and financial standards
  • Creating a consistent and proactive reporting mechanism
  • Operating by our guiding principles
  • Achieving our strategic goals

Over the next five years, the Commission will establish and refine rules, regulations, and procedures to fully meet the intent and spirit of the PAEA. The early years of work will be dedicated to development of the rules, regulations, and procedures to comply with the PAEA and to plan and perform appropriate studies for the U.S. Congress. As these regulations and procedures are employed, they will be assessed and refined in partnership with stakeholders, moving toward a more effective mail system coupled with effective oversight.

The Commission will communicate to the U.S. Congress, and other stakeholders, concerning Commission operations through a series of annual and periodic reports, which includes:

  • Annual Report to the President and the Congress
  • Annual Compliance Report
  • Report to President and the Congress on universal postal service and the postal monopoly in the United States
  • Report on rates (costs) for periodicals; jointly with the Postal Service
  • Five year review to determine if the institutional cost contribution requirements specified in the rule applicable to competitive products should be retained in its current form, modified, or eliminated (section 3633(a)(3))
  • Ten year review of the system for regulating rates and classes for market-dominant products to determine whether the system is achieving objectives of the PAEA.

Guiding Principles

The Commission is committed to and operates by the principles of:

  • Openness
  • Stakeholder (public) participation
  • Collegiality and multi-disciplinary approaches
  • Timely and rigorous analysis
  • Fairness and impartiality
  • Integrity
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Merit

Key Strategic Goals

The Strategic Goals describe the primary focus areas that will enable the Commission to meet its five-year vision. Both internal and external priorities are described.

Goal 1 - Modern Rate and Product Regulation

Establish and maintain a predictable, transparent, and effective system of rate and product regulation.

Goal 2 - Service Performance Evaluation

Ensure appropriate and transparent United States Postal Service performance standards and measurements to promote an efficient, effective and responsive mail service.

Goal 3 - Financial Accountability and Compliance

Ensure transparent, accurate, and informative United States Postal Service data reporting sufficient for evaluation of financial performance.

Goal 4 - Complaint Process

Ensure United States Postal Service accountability through a fair and open public complaint process that provides appropriate and timely resolution.

Goal 5 - Public Participation and Government Relations

Ensure the Commission is visible and readily accessible to all stakeholders.

Goal 6 - Human Capital

Enhance a system that fosters recruitment, development, and retention of a talented and skilled workforce.

Goal 7 - Program Integration and Support

Utilize latest technology, operational systems, and organizational infrastructure in achieving Commission goals.