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All Cases

All Cases includes open and closed cases that have come before the Commission. They are organized into docket types based on the subject of the proceeding. A web page for each docket type summarizes each case and provides access to the document records and physical documents filed for each case.

Rate (prefix R)

Rate cases are forums for review of decisions by the US Postal Service to increase postage rates and fees for market-dominant products such as First class letter mail. Before R2006-1, these cases were termed "Requests" and included all domestic rates and fees.


Annual Compliance Report cases (prefix ACR) are the public proceedings the Commission uses to conduct its annual financial and service analysis of the US Postal Service. This Report is issued annually in March and is based upon a filing by the US Postal Service in December of its annual financial data.

Mail Classification (prefix MC)

Mail Classification cases are forums for considering USPS products in the Market-Dominant area and any accompanying discounts or fees.

Competitive Products (prefix CP)

Competitive Products cases are public forums that create public awareness of decisions by the US Postal Service to initiate or increase a rate or fee associated with a product in its Competitive area, such as International Mail or Express Mail.

Complaint (prefix C)

Complaint cases are those matters that come before the Commission that involve a complaint regarding service and performance.

Appeal-Post Office Closing (prefix A)

Appeal cases are those matters that come before the Commission as a result of an appeal of a closing of a Post Office.

Rulemaking (prefix RM)

Rulemaking cases are public proceedings in which the Commission establishes regulations to enable it to carry out its mission of ensuring the transparency and accountability of Postal Service activities.

Nature of Service (prefix N)

Nature of Service cases are those that relate to USPS service and performance standards.

Public Inquiry (prefix PI)

Public Inquiry cases are those matters in which the Commission would like to gather the opinion of the general public upon a matter of interest.

International Mail (prefix IM)

International Mail cases were a requirement of the Congress to prepare an annual report to the Congress, during the years 1999-2006, evaluating the US Postal Service's costing and pricing of its International Mail products. Under the 1970 Postal Reorganization Act, those lay outside the Commission's jurisdiction. The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 included certain responsibility for International mail within the Commission's new mission; so, there is no longer a need for separate IM docketed cases.

Market Test (prefix MT)

Market test cases concern the testing of an experimental product by the Postal Service for a limited period of time pursuant to 39 U.S.C. ยง 3641.