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Contacting the Commission

How to contact the PRC: The Commission welcomes your comments, suggestions and feedback on how the Commission or the Postal Service can do a better job. We are also pleased to assist you if you are having problems with your postal service.

When you contact us with a mail service issue, your inquiry is documented at the Commission and forwarded to the Office of the Consumer Advocate for the Postal Service. The Postal Service then will look into your issue and respond directly to you within 45 days with their findings and corrective action. The Commission also will receive a copy of the Postal Service’s response so that we can verify that the problem was handled appropriately. We also monitor reported service issues to determine if there is a pattern which might affect service nationwide that we should address.

Please contact us:
Via Internet: To access our web form for comments, inquiries and assistance with postal service issues click here.
By telephone: 202-789-6800
By FAX: 202-789-6891
By mail: Public Affairs and Government Relations
Postal Regulatory Commission
901 New York Avenue NW Suite 200
Washington, D.C. 20268-0001

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