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Chairman's Message

This winter, the Commission conducted two major proceedings simultaneously.  On March 27th, the Postal Regulatory Commission published the seventh Annual Compliance Determination.  Our ACD provides specific direction to the Postal Service in a number of important compliance areas.  

The same week, the Commission issued an Advisory Opinion analyzing the Postal Service’s Load Leveling Plan.  This Advisory Opinion, like the ACD, was completed in 90 days or less.  I encourage you to review these two documents, both available on the PRC website.

Also published on the Commission’s website is a report completed by Swiss Economics, including a model of city carrier delivery analyzing how changes in delivery frequency or delivery type would affect postal finances and operations.  The model could provide a better estimate of the cost of the Universal Service Obligation and the value of the letter and mailbox monopolies.  It may be used to evaluate economies of scale, density and scope in delivery, as well as the cost structure of mail and package delivery under a variety of circumstances.

Your detailed comments and assessment of this study would be most welcome.

Ruth Y. Goldway

Information for the Mailing Community

Monthly Meeting of the Commission


Upcoming Schedule


The next public monthly meeting of the Commission to be announced.  The public is invited to attend.   


Recordings of past Commission meetings are available here:

Archive of Monthly Commission Meetings


Schedule for Regular and Predictable Price Changes



On January 27, 2013, the Postal Service implemented a price increase on all market-dominant classes equal, on average, to the applicable price cap limitation.  The Postal Service expects that, in each subsequent year, price changes for all of the market-dominant classes will equal, on average, the price cap limitation applicable in that year.


Postal Service price increases for market-dominant products are subject to a statutory, CPI-based price cap.  The price cap for future increases will not be finalized until the Postal Service files a Notice of Rate Adjustment with the Commission.


Click here to view recent trend data showing 12-month average change in CPI-U for planning purposes and explanation of how CPI-U is calculated.





      Information for Postal Consumers

      The Postal Service is a basic and fundamental service provided to the people by their government. Through its oversight of the Postal Service, the Postal Regulatory Commission promotes that goal and strives to ensure that every consumer receives appropriate and effective postal services. The following links provide quick and convenient access to basic consumer information and tools that may assist consumers in obtaining the best possible service from both the Commission and the Postal Service.